Family Background of Dr P R Prasad

We belong to a highly respected and educated Srivastava Kayastha family of Bihar. We originally come from village Bathna in West Champaran district. This village has now been washed away by river Gandak. My parents had farm house and agricultural land in Ramnagar but later they settled in Patna. Our parental house is located at 169/C, Srikrishnapuri, Patna - 800001.

Family History:
Available traces of history indicate that our ancestors belonged to Kushbhawan, presently known as Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh. This place had a very high concentration of Srivastava Kayasthas. Later they migrated eastwards in search of good livelihood and finally settled on the banks of river Gandak in Bihar. Their habitat came to be known as village Bathna (thana Nautan) about 12 miles from Bettiah. It is believed that the village came into existence circa year 1212 Fasli, i.e. over 200 years ago.

Radha Prasad -- Wife of Dr.P.R.Prasad Wife:
Radha Prasad is the second daughter of Late Sri J.P.Shrivastava, IAS and Late Smt. Chandravanshi Devi. She is a graduate in Biology from Patna University and is a full time housewife. She is an extremely soft spoken and emotional person who has dedicated her entire life to her three daughters and husband. She is also very well read and well informed person, be it history, science, politics, sports or movies. She is very fond of Gardening, Reading, Astrology and Cooking. She holds a degree of Jyotish Visharad and renders astrological advice to the needy. She is also a Life Member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences.

We have three daughters. All of them are well settled in life.
1. Anupriya, BSc(Engg), MTech(IIT Kanpur) - fulltime housewife, husband Managing Director in Linamar India, Pune

2. Uttara, BSc(Engg), MS, PhD(Canada) - Assistant Research Professor, husband Asstt Prof in Washington State University, USA

3. Soma, BSc(Engg), MTech(IIT Kanpur), PhD(IISc Bangalore) - Research Associate at IISc Bangalore, husband Chip Design Engineer, IBM, Bangalore

Gautam Prasad -- Father of Dr.P.R.Prasad Father:
Late Sri Gautam Prasad (Oct 1914 - Oct 1993) was the father of Dr.P.R.Prasad. Babujee, as was he lovingly called by all his children, was the younger of the two sons born to late Sri Shubh Narayan Lal and late Smt. Devkali Devi. Babujee lost his father in early childhood and was brought up by his mother. Being very bright, he successfully completed his school and college education with the support of relatives and scholarships. He studied in Bettiah and BHU, and finally obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from Bihar College of Engg, Patna in 1940. He worked in various capacity in TISCO, Indian Railways, PWD, District Board, Housing and REO Departments of Govt. of Bihar and finally retired as Superintending Engineer, REO in 1972.

A self-made man as he was, Babujee besides being a technocrat of high calibre, distinguished himself as an able administrator and gained plentiful admiration of his superiors and subordinates because of his simplicity, honesty and integrity. He not only encouraged his children to excel in studies and develop positive attitude but also provided help to many relatives and needy persons in all possible ways to make them successful in life. He was also very keenly interested in travelling, gardening and socializing. He left for heavenly abode on October 27, 1993 after protracted illness. He is our role model and will continue to remain our source of inspiration for all times to come.

Rajpati Devi -- Mother of Dr.P.R.Prasad Mother:
Late Rajpati Devi (Nov 1921 - Feb 2013), the mother of Dr.P.R.Prasad, was the eldest daughter of late Sri Ganesh Prasad and late Smt. Chandrawati Devi Kunwar belonging to a Zamindar family of Amaithia in West Champaran district of Bihar. Besides managing the household, Maa had always taken keen interest in the education of her children and their welfare in all possible way. She was a rare combination of gentleness and firmness whenever it was needed. During Babujee's illness, she played the role of both parents so that all the parental responsibilities were carried out without any hitch.

Maa played a key role in managing our ancestral and acquired properties in Ramnagar. She enjoyed cooking and shopping for sarees and jewelry. She visited USA six times . Although born in an earlier era, she was a modern woman in every possible way. She left for heavenly abode on February 11, 2013.

We are three brothers and two sisters. I am the eldest of all.
1. Gita (sister) - fulltime housewife, husband former Managing Director, Lucent and now Professor at University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, USA.

2. Manoranjan (brother), BArch(IIT Kharagpur) - Retired Sr Architect/Chief Architect, Govt of Bihar/Jharkhand. Married to Neelam Prasad, fulltime housewife.

3. Binita (sister) - fulltime housewife, husband retired Superintending Engineer, WRD, Govt of Bihar.

4. Chittaranjan (brother), MBBS(Ranchi), MD(USA) - Medical Practitioner in USA. Married to Dr Manju Prasad, faculty in Medical College in USA.

Dr P R Prasad

Dr Priya Ranjan Prasad, PhD FIE
169/C, Srikrishnapuri
Patna - 800001, Bihar, India