Research Publications of Dr P R Prasad

Papers in National Journals/Conferences:   [20-45]

20. P.R.Prasad and R.Prasad: Ageing Characterestics of Al-Zn Alloys of Commercial Purity, Trans IIM, 31(1978)310

21. P.R.Prasad and R.Prasad: Determination of Metastable Zone Boundary for G.P.Zones in Al-Zn Alloys by Hardness Reversion Technique, Trans IIM, 33(1980)82

22. P.R.Prasad and R.Prasad: Effect of Cold Work on Age Hardening of Al-4.2% Zn Alloy, Trans IIM, 33(1980)489

23. R.Prasad, P.R.Prasad, S.Singh and S.L.Malhotra: Melting of Wood's Metal in Glycerol-Water Bath, Trans IIM, 48(1995)367

24. R.Prasad, O.N.Mehrotra and P.R.Prasad: Further on Melting of Wood's Metal in Glycerol-Water Bath, Trans IIM (Accepted)

25. P.R.Prasad: Ageing Characterestics of Al-Zn Alloys, Journal of Institution of Engineers (India), 60HI(1979)5

26. U.S.Shrivastava and P.R.Prasad: Interpolation Studies of Jet Penetration in Simulated L-D Process by Mathematical Design of Experiments, Tool and Alloy Steels, 13(1979)437

27. P.R.Prasad: Heat Treatment of Rheocast and Thixocast Products, Tool and Alloy Steels, 22(1988)121

28. P.R.Prasad: Thixoprocessing of Steel, Tool and Alloy Steels, 22(1988)377

29. P.R.Prasad: On the Formation of Non-Dendritic Spheroidal Particles in Rheocast Slurries, Tool and Alloy Steels, 23(1989)489

30. R.Prasad, O.N.Mehrotra and P.R.Prasad: Theoretical Techniques for the Study of Melting Phenomena, Tool and Alloy steels, 27(1993)201

31. R.Prasad, O.N.Mehrotra and P.R.Prasad: On the Determination of Melting Rate of Solid Metals in Liquid Baths , Tool and Alloy Steels, 26(1992)249

32. G.N.Rao and P.R.Prasad: Increase in Casting Yield by Use of Exothermic Risers, NML Technical Journal, 13(2)(1971)49

33. G.N.Rao and P.R.Prasad: Riser Dimensioning - A New Approach for Gray Iron Castings, NML Technical Journal, 9(1)(1967)27

34. P.R.Prasad and G.N.Rao: Embrittlement of Malleable Iron - A Critical Evaluation of Compositional and Microstructural Effects, Science and Engg, 33(1980)44

35. P.R.Prasad and R.Prasad: On the Quench Sensitivity of Al-Zn Alloys, Science and Engg, 32(1979)207

36. P.R.Prasad and R.Prasad: Multiple Ageing of Al-Zn alloys, Indian Journal of Engineers, 17(4)(1977)13

37. P.R.Prasad and R.Prasad: Theories of Age Hardening, Indian Journal of Engineers, 18(3)(1978)5

38. P.R.Prasad and G.N.Rao: Phosphorus in Malleable Iron, Indian Journal of Engineers, 6(12)(1966)25

39. P.R.Prasad and N.Prasad: A New Approach to Mg - Addition Technique for S.G. Iron Production, Indian Journal of Engineers, 16(3)(1976)23

40. P.R.Prasad: An Interpolation Model for the Study of Dissolution of Steel in Molten Steel, The New Sketch, 40(16)(1980)27

41. I.D.P.Singh and P.R.Prasad: Liquid Metal Forging, Sarjana, 20(1994)93

42. P.R.Prasad: Rheoprocessing Technology, Sarjana, 20(1994)97

43. R.Prasad , P.R.Prasad and I.D.P.Singh: On the Utilization of Metallurgical Wastes, All India Symposium on Converting Wastes into Wealth, Sindri, Sept 15-16, 1995, P85-88

44. P.R.Prasad: Deformation Behaviour of Semi -Solid Alloys, National Seminar on Advances in Metal Sciences, Calcutta, Sept 1988

45. P.R.Prasad and I.D.P.Singh: On the Structure - Property Correlation in Elastically Deformable Particulate Composites, National Seminar on Advances in Metal Sciences, Calcutta, Sept 1988

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Dr P R Prasad

Dr Priya Ranjan Prasad, PhD FIE
169/C, Srikrishnapuri
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