Research Publications of Dr P R Prasad

Papers in National Journals/Conferences:   [46-55]

46. P.R.Prasad and I.D.P.Singh: Development of Fibre - Reinforced Nickel Superalloys, Seminar on Special Metals and Alloys, IIM Sindri Chapter, Nov 1979

47. P.R.Prasad, S.Ray, J.L.Gaindhar and M.L.Kapoor: Limitations on the Mechanical Properties of Rheocast Al-Cu Alloys, Seminar on Solidification and Casting of Metals, Roorkee, Oct 1984

48. P.R.Prasad and R.P.Singh: Particulate Strengthening of Brittle Matrix Composites, 40th Chemical Engineering Congress, Sindri, Dec 1987

49. R.Prasad, O.N.Mehrotra and P.R.Prasad: Melting of Metals in Liquid Bath, 51st Annual Technical Meeting of Indian Institute of Metals, Jamshedpur, Nov 1997

50. R.Prasad, P.R.Prasad, S.Singh and S.L.Malhotra : Melting of Al-Cu Eutectic in its Own Bath, 52nd Annual Technical Meeting of IIM, Bangalore, Nov 14-17, 1998

51. P.R.Prasad: Rheocasting - A New Concept in Solidification Processing, Technical Meeting, IIM Sindri Chapter, Oct 5, 1983

52. P.R.Prasad: Mathematical Design and Analysis of Experiments - A Tool for Research, Technical Meeting, IIM Sindri Chapter, Sept 12, 1979

53. P.R.Prasad: Fracture Mechanisms in Composite Materials, ISTE Winter School on Fracture Mechanics and its Application in Design, BIT Sindri, Dec 1985

54. P.R.Prasad: Rheological Behaviour of Semi-Solid Alloys and its Application in Materials Processing, ISTE Winter School on Materials Processing, BIT Sindri, Dec1987

55. P.R.Prasad: Casting of Semi-Solid Alloys, ISTE Winter School on Foundry Technology, Govt Polytechnic, Dhanbad, Dec 1988

Books/Conference Proceedings:   [56-58]

56. P.R.Prasad and I.D.P.Singh(eds): Lecture Notes on Materials Processing, ISTE Winter School, BIT Sindri, Dec 1987

57. S.K.Sinha and P.R.Prasad(eds): Technical Papers - All India Symposium on Converting Wastes into Wealth, Sindri, Sept 15-16,1995

58. P.R.Prasad(ed): Proceedings of Seminar on Computer Application in Metallurgy, BIT Sindri, December 21-22, 2002

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Dr P R Prasad

Dr Priya Ranjan Prasad, PhD FIE
169/C, Srikrishnapuri
Patna - 800001, Bihar, India